UMC Bootcamp’s mission is to educate and coach people in their pursuit of their health and fitness goals.  Using the UMC Training philosophy and “Better Than Yesterday” learning curriculum, we seek to give people the tools that make getting and staying in shape as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

Who We Are

UMC, founded in 2012, is a culmination of more than 25 years of health and fitness experience that started in 1990.  It combines training methods that date back decades with newly discovered ones to create what I believe is the most efficient approach to exercise.  The program also outlines Nutrition guidelines and provides opportunities for an increased knowledge in how our bodies work and how and what to feed them.  


“Bobby is a motivating trainer focusing on form and strength building. He pushes me to do workouts that I never thought I could do. So, when I walk out of his class I feel empowered and strong. As Bobby states, “Beauty is Strength and Strength is Beauty”, love it and so true!”

Kim H.

“This class has been one of the best investments I have made in myself. Really, it has. The noticeable increase in my strength has been the greatest pay off. I am able to lift things and move things I never would have attempted before. I only wish this class was offered more days a week.”

Lisa C.

“I went from pressing 15 lb. dumbbells to doing 25’s. I can see definition in my quads that I haven’t seen since high school. The back of my legs look amazing. And my butt has definitely seen an improvement.” 

Raelene V.


Bobby Bluford

I am Bobby Bluford, founder and creator of Ultimate Muscle Confusion and the UMC Bootcamp.  I have been studying and applying the art of health, fitness, and self-improvement for more than a quarter-century.

I played college football at UC Davis, where I earned a B.S. in Managerial Economics in 1995. I later earned an MBA from Santa Clara University in 2004 and applied that knowledge to run two startups over a decade as Vice President of Finance and CFO.



Coach Bobby’s Daily Eating Schedule

Monday https://youtu.be/TaO2sOZUEAc Tuesday https://youtu.be/SiwDzz6CXzs Wednesday https://youtu.be/Eag6VhW0LQE Thursday https://youtu.be/JkgWLnDwlEA Friday https://youtu.be/A223db3LXZk Saturday https://youtu.be/H5-Nvw9kUzo Sunday https://youtu.be/xdiMlOB16oE  

Lessons from my son, Amari.

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