“Coach Bobby’s “Better Than Yesterday” program and mindset was *exactly* what I needed to get motivated to lose the weight I’d been slowly packing on. The combination of expert advice, exercise, and accountability really helped me to stay focused on my goal – and realize that the journey is pretty awesome! The key for me was the community/accountability: the tools that Coach Bobby provides make that community a part of my everyday life. Thanks, Bobby!”
– Mia M.

“I’ve been coming to Bobby’s bootcamp since 2013.  (May have been one of his first Groupon people!)  He pushes me like no other group trainer I’ve had which makes each workout unique which is why I’ve kept up the 3x/week schedule for 3 years.  I also like to do other activities such as yoga, swimming, biking (and will run just to keep in semi-triathlon shape) and all of these have improved because of the high intensity + weight training aspect of the workout.  Love him!”
– Judy L.

“Bobby is a talented trainer who specializes in not only personal fitness but athletic training for youth! I love the consistent motivation and mix up of workout routines. I’m one to get bored easily with workouts and I switch things up so Bobby’s workouts are perfect for me and my son. If you have children playing sports this is a must to improve their game, confidence level, and agility skills. I am very happy with my results so far and enjoy the positive environment!”
– Danielle J.

“It’s more than just another fitness class. Bobby is personally motivated to see you excel. He pushes you individually to strive and be your best. He gets you pumped to work out and that feeling carries over into your day. If he ever retires from training, he will be one of greatest motivational speakers around. When you sign up for UMC classes you get more than just a personal trainer, you get a life coach!”
– Matthew L.

“Bobby is by far the best coach I’ve ever trained with. He walks his talk, and has a unique way of motivating and inspiring his students.  His authenticity is unmistakable. With his genuine interest in building relationships, he encourages you to dig deep and “give it all you’ve got.” His passion for coaching is infectious and it’s impossible to take his frustration (if you’re “bullshitting” and not pushing yourself) personally.  It’s actually hilarious. 😉 He often says, “I’m not gonna’ lie to you.” He delivers!  Thanks B!”
– Jason E.

“Best Gym I have ever been to. Best trainer I have met. Bobby is great, he’s hard on you, but it’s only because he knows you can do it. He will help you with whatever you ask him. His workouts are always different and challenging and he will always assist you with the correct form so you do not injure yourself. He is willing to go above and beyond to help you achieve your goal in your health, physically and nutritionally. If you’re looking for a place to get fit, Coach Bobby and UMC are the right place for you!!!!”
– Ashley D.

“Bobby is a motivating trainer focusing on form and strength building. He pushes me to do workouts that I never thought I could do. So, when I walk out of his class I feel empowered and strong. As Bobby states, “Beauty is Strength and Strength is Beauty”, love it and so true!”
– Kim H.

“This class has been one of the best investments I have made in myself. Really, it has. The noticeable increase in my strength has been the greatest pay off. I am able to lift things and move things I never would have attempted before. I only wish this class was offered more days a week.”
– Lisa C.

“I went from pressing 15 lb. dumbbells to doing 25’s.  I can see definition in my quads that I haven’t seen since high school.  The back of my legs look amazing.  And my butt has definitely seen an improvement.” 
– Raelene V.

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